Permanent plant markers garden

Permanent plant markers garden

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Finally a line of marking pens that will last! Our Garden Marker Pens are fast drying, waterproof and contain ultraviolet filters for maximum fade resistance. These pens are xylene free which makes them environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they write on wood, plastic, metal, glass, porcelain and many other materials. The 1. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

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Flower and Plant Markers

Whether your garden is a traditional plot, square foot, raised bed or container garden, you want to keep track of which plants are where. You can make plant markers out of various materials instead of buying premade markers at the lawn and garden center. The type of marker you choose to make depends on how long you want it to last. Note: For most of the following plant marker ideas, you may want to preserve any writing on the markers done with permanent marker or paint with a coat of clear varnish, polyurethane or even clear mailing tape.

Otherwise, rain and watering may cause the marker or paint to run. Note: Mississippi State University Extension suggests using soft lead pencils to write plant names on markers especially ones with rough surfaces. In addition, untreated wood may mold and turn black after it is exposed to water and moisture. Popsicle sticks are great markers for container gardens.

Write the name of the vegetable, fruit, flower or herb grown on the stick with a permanent marker and push the popsicle stick down into the soil about an inch. If you need a taller marker than a popsicle stick, consider using a wooden ruler. You could also use a narrow 1- or 2-inch cut of inexpensive wood, like plywood or balsa wood.

You can paint the names of plants on smooth stones or paver stones and place them at the head of each row. Stones could also be used in container gardens. You could include information about your plants on the stones too, since there is more room than other types of markers. Stone markers are a fun way to get kids involved in the garden.

Small terracotta or clay pots or even pieces of pots can be painted with the names of each of your plants, then placed at the head of each garden row. If you have access to a laminator, you can create plant tags by designing them on the computer or by hand, then laminating each of them.

Punch a hole at one end of the tags and loop a piece of yarn through the holes. Move up the plants as needed throughout the growing season. Another idea is to keep plant labels from the greenhouse and use them as markers. These plant markers take a little bit more skill and the use of a few tools.

Practically Functional has the how-to here. Write the name of each plant being grown on pieces of cork with a permanent marker or paint, then secure to the side of your containers with clothespins. Write the name of each plant on clothespins.

Clip one clothespin to each piece of dowel rod and stick into the soil by your plants. This idea is ideal for container gardens. You can buy plain ceramic tiles at your local home improvement store. Use permanent markers or acrylic craft paint to create your labels. Once dry, coat with a clear, waterproof acrylic sealer.

Martha Stewart says to cut across the bottom of the seed packet and place over a wood stake ruler, strip of wood, etc. Stick the stake in the ground and place a mason jar over the packet. The jar will prevent water from causing the paper packet to fall apart. Have any other ideas for creative plant markers? Tell us in the comments below!

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Cap Style Zinc Plant Markers (C)

An absolute essential for the better organized garden, plant markers set out in spring will save you so much head-scratching throughout the rest of the season. Garden markers are especially helpful when sowing seeds, digging bulbs, and marking freshly sprouted perennials so you know the exact location of each plant. Use them to help distinguish between weeds and cultivated plants, denote which plants you will allow to flower for seed saving, and to practice good crop rotation from year to year. Never forget what you planted where ever again with these low and no cost upcycled plant marker projects! For the wine drinking gardener, a collection of corks can be quickly and easily rendered into cute plant markers. Aside from corks, you will need some wooden dowels or skewers and a permanent marker. As a final step, add a coat of polyurethane for longer lasting, waterproof markers.

They are rustproof, reusable, and provide a permanent solution to identifying your plants. Various designs to choose from. Optional carbon marking pencil.

Permanent Plant Labels

Bond Manufacturing Co 4ft …. This stake, made from solid pine, offers plenty of creative opportunities for your projects! Details: Unfinished. Stake plants such as tomatoes, peas or other climbing plants. Ideal for offering and support to tall stemmed plant in plant containers or garden borders. Wood Stake SkuIf you're using wooden stakes, make sure the wood is left untreated. Whites 8 x mm Wood Stakes vs. Free UK Delivery. These softwood stakes are available in heights ranging from 75cm to 1.

Best Garden Plant Markers For Home Gardens

May contain affiliate links. Please see my affiliate disclosure and privacy policy. I could be a bit more organized, so I decided to make some DIY garden markers. Making these plant markers is a great garden project to tackle during the off-season!

Creating painted rocks is a fun family activity, and they look beautiful in the garden. Image by Jessie Keith.

Plant markers for the garden kitchen

Thought you had the answer there for a minute! Sharpie permanent marker on white plastic works fine for me but is impossible to clean up for reuse. I couldn't justify discarding them after only one use. So I tried white spirit but only managed to melt the tips of my gloves and give myself a headache. My pragmatic solution: White plastic labels covered with matte finish writable "Magic" or "Clever" tape. Write on with Sharpie, remove and replace tape before reuse.

15 DIY Plant Markers For Your Garden (Plant Labels)

Looking for the best way to label garden plants in your garden? I finally settled on a way to label garden plants that is easy to see , lasts all season even in the Arizona summer sun , and can be reused season after season. Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information. When starting seeds, I use these plastic labels from Amazon with a sharpie.

12 Set Ceramic Herb Garden Plant Labels Tags Markers, Perfect Gardening Gift Our signs are used for permanently identifying plants and are suitable for.

Plant Labels

Search Products:. Plant identifier sign. It's almost that time of year! Show your green side by using recycled materials as plant markers.

Kincaid Plant Markers


Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms:. Signup Login Toggle navigation. Views: , Replies: 5 » Jump to the end. By BookerC1 December 27, If you use metal plant markers, such as the popular zinc markers, include the plant information on the back of the marker, too.

Here is a great way to make 'low-to-no-cost' plant markers A smart way to recycle! With only one set of old mini-blinds, you can make hundreds of plant markers in various sizes and widths that are nearly indestructible!

Plant markers

New here? I invite you to subscribe to my Free Newsletter for exclusive tips on growing a healthy food garden. Welcome back! Have you visited the free Article Library? You'll also find helpful Gardening Guides here. Dig in! Looking for some inspiration for DIY plant labels?

When you plant your garden, especially from seed, you might have a tough time remembering what you have planted where. Many gardeners use popsicle sticks or little stakes that hold the seed package. But if you want something a little more creative, here are 10 DIY plant marker projects for spring.


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